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What to Expect

puppy1.pngThe team at Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services strives to have every patient's visit be stress-free. We are working to make a visit to the veterinarian fun, not something to be scared of! This means we may do things differently than a vet you have visited before. Please let us know when scheduling your appointment if your pet has been anxious or fearful at the vet in the past. This way, our team can plan ahead to make your pet's visit as low stress as possible.

If your pet is more relaxed in the car than in our waiting area, feel free to leave him there until you are all checked in. Cats should enter the office in a covered carrier. L.V.V.S. has a separate cat waiting area with a table to keep your feline friend off the floor (where scary dogs may be!). Call (802) 888-7911 to get some additional tips if going in the car is stressful for your pet.

Most importantly, please bring your pet hungry! If she has favorite treats or food, or a special toy that she'd love to play with, bring those along! Tasty treats are a great way for us to overcome your pet's fear and bond with our patients. We will move at your pet's pace, which means we would rather skip those last three toenails (and do them another time) than make the visit a negative experience. Come and check out what a difference a visit to the vet without stress or fear can make!


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For After Hours Emergency Situations Call (802) 888-7911


Feedback from our clients

  • ""I absolutely love LVVS. I have been going here for years, ever since the last vet we had gave my dog a serious injury from jabbing him with a needle. They are always kind, gentle, and make going to the vet as stress free for my animals as possible. I always recommend them to new pet owners near me and will continue to do so.""
    Corey B.
  • ""Love their low-stress handling techniques, the specialty interests of the different Vets, and the can-do attitude! I felt at-ease leaving my dog overnight prior to a minor surgery, and she was in great shape when she came home! Also like that they're in the 21st century with online appointment and confirmation functions! Keep up the excellent work!""
    Lori R.
  • ""I called at 4AM and they answered! Thinking for sure my dog was dying they got her in right away. She is currently still under their care call me with updates and are so friendly and understanding. I know she is in amazing hands and is being treated like a princess. I can never thank them enough for saving her.""
    Kandie W.